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December 8, 2015

How To Make Photos Fade on Hover

Hello my wonderful bloggers! How is everyone? :) Today's #TutorialTuesday is a much requested one. It's simple and very easy to implemented. Let's get started!

Whatcha gotta do:

1. Log into your blogger account and select the blog in which you'd like to customize.
2. Go to Template >> Customize >> Add CSS and paste the below code into the box.
3. Customize, save your changes and voila! You're done.

img:hover { opacity: .4; }

To customize the transparency:

The number in red (see above) decides how transparent your photo is on hover. The numbers range from .9 to .1 (as you decrease the number, the transparency becomes more, well, transparent).

I chose .4 in the example above because I consider it a good medium transparency. ;)

Need help?

Leave a comment below! I love hearing from my readers. :)

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